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How to mine virtual gold

How to mine virtual gold

Gold mining can be done as soon as we reach 50% degree of happiness. We just have to build a gold mine and, depending on this building level, we can mine:
– 0.01 (level 1)
– 0.02 (level 1)
– 0.03 (level 2)
– 0.04 (level 2)
– 0.05 (level 3)
– 0.1 (level 3)
– 0.2 (level 4)
– 0.3 (level 4)
– 0.4 (level 5)
– 0.5 (level 5)
Each time we mine we need equal number of resources from each category depending on the extraction exchange price. Price to extract 1 gold is displayed on the last page of your site: GOLD.
There you will find a picture like this:

price of gold

What information do we find in this picture?
2.68 – the balance of the current deposit. Once is consumed, another 3 gold deposit will be available.
12.800 – the number of resources that you have to pay for mining. To mine 0.5, the quantity you can mine at a level 5 mine, we need a minimum stock of 6.400 of each resource (vegetable, meat, wood, iron, stone and clay).
In the last 24 hours, 76.35 Extracted gold miners. The last deposit WAS found 14 minutes ago – is the info-text that indicates the gold quantity extracted in the last 24 hours and when the last deposit was made.

As mentioned, each store has a stock of three gold, and will be consumed depending on mining activities. The price of that stock is calculated according to gold extracted in the last 24 hours.

If, in the last 24 hours, is extracted less than 72 gold, and the last deposit was more than an hour ago, and the balance of the current gold deposit wasn’t consumed, then we can expect a price drop for the next extraction.

This price drop can happen in two situations:
1. Existing stock is consumed and extraction from the last 24 hours doesn’t exceed 72 gold, but also last deposit was 1h ago. Then the next deposit price will be at 6400. After the new stock will be used, if the volume exceeds 72 gold extracted in the last 24 with this new deposit, the price will go up again to 12800. If there is a lot of mining and this deposit is consumed in less than an hour from the new deposit, then the price goes up to 25600.

2. Existing stock is not consumed and in the last 24 hours is extracted somewhere between 64-68 gold, and the last deposit was about 2 hours ago. In this case the required resources can be automatically changed, before the current stock is consumed. The next stock will be at 6400 and the other at 3200, followed by 6400 and then 12800. I mentioned all values because all of them can be seen for a very short period, even a few seconds, because many users are hunting those moments of the day.

cheap mines

What you have to do to mine cheaper?
– Watch regularly the last page of GOLD to notice the extraction price and read that info-text under resource requirements.

– To have the required quantity of resources so you can mine at the desired capacity.

– Prepare yourself in advance with the mine or mines, opened in separate pages, and in another page follow the Activity by clicking as often as you can to catch the right moment, guided by the explanations above.

– When you catch the change of the prices, the moment will be very short, so that you must click as fast as you can on the mine.

Tips before mining:
– Check the workers so that they are not in the last day of life. If a worker dies before harvesting, the GOLD and all the resources used are lost.

– Check the degradation level of the mine. Repair it before 85%

– Choose a fast browser without the extensions enabled.

– Do not refresh your full page of gold, just click on Activity.

– Check the resource market to notice the prices. There are cases where you can get much profit if you sale the resources, but the only requirement is to be on the list of the first 20 sellers on that page. Otherwise you just have to mine.

After 24 h, when you harvest the gold, check if your city is occupied, so that you will not pay those 10% taxes. If you are occupied, try to liberate yourself before collecting the gold.

In the end I just want to say good luck with mining.

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